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The Chanel Inspired Belt (PRE ORDER ONLY)


GUYS THE PHOTO WITH THE FULL GOLD CHANEL SIGN IS SOLD OUT!! Please note it will be a diamond/pearl Chanel
Sign instead > swipe for photos

LEAVE A COMMENT WITH YOUR JEAN WAIST SIZE! OR CHEST/BUST SIZE (to wear it higher) After you have ordered!

Jewellery shouldn’t be worn in the shower, bathing, working out, washing your hands, sleeping or on a daily basis. We will not be able to replace or refund items that have been stripped of their colouring by doing so.

All jewellery (including sterling silver) can tarnish if not cared for - especially when exposed to water, salt air and products containing sulphur. To help your jewellery last as long as possible please read the following:

Avoid exposing all jewellery (especially plated) to water, household products, and perfumes/lotions which will cause jewellery to discolour.
Remove all our jewellery before showering, bathing, swimming, sleeping and sports as can cause discolouration (especially in gold!) We cannot be held liable for tarnish on products due to you getting them wet.
Jewellery storage is important! Between wearing, we recommend that you keep your jewellery in the pouches we send them in to avoid them being in contact with anything that could damage them.